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Welcome Back Babes - COVID 19 Updates

Hello again, our beloved Perfectly Polished friends and lovers!

We’re getting close to our opening date and we are so excited to see you (and your nails).

We wanted to share a few reminders and updates as we get ready to open our doors and welcome you back:

When you arrive, please wait in your vehicle until we call you to come in; there is no waiting area

We are adding extra time between appointments to perform sanitation procedures, but we may run a few minutes late; we ask for your patience as we all learn to navigate this new normal ❤

Your mask must be worn at all times; we have them for purchase if you forget yours

You must wash your hands as soon as you come in

We love you, we’ve missed you so and while we would love to catch up, it’s safety first here at PP; we will do all we can to keep the droplets to a minimum from speaking moistly , so please understand we won’t be as chatty as we were in your past visits

Remember, this isn’t forever; it’s for now.  See you all soon!  xoxo

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